Developmental Disabilities

Handicapped woman reading book

We understand how disabilities affect the daily life and independence of an individual. That is why we at Uplift Healthcare Services, Inc. offer this service to ensure an enhanced quality of life for people with developmental disability.

Here are the following services we can offer for them:

Homemaker and Personal Care Service
Doing daily living activities can be hard for some people, especially if they are in a situation where their independence is taken away due to certain disabilities. The aim of this service is to provide assistance based on the needs of the client. Our care providers can offer assistance with medication, bathing or grooming, ambulation/mobility, light housekeeping, and recreation or community involvement.
Non-medical Transportation
We provide transportation services to disabled individuals as we accompany them to places they want to go or have an appointment to. We strive to make a hassle-free travel for disabled individuals. However, this service cannot be used for any medical emergencies.
Vocational Rehabilitation Services/Supported Employment
We are dedicated to helping our clients figure out what are their vocational desires. Our qualified job coach will serve as the first point of contact between our client and his or her employer. The primary goal of this service is to help disabled individuals to successfully secure and retain employment.
Adult Day Service
This service promotes the development of social and work skills and general independence among individuals who are enrolled on Individual Option (IO) and Level One (L1) Medicaid waivers. These individuals are 18 years and older and either do not or cannot proceed with further formal education and sometimes are unemployed.